Servus 👋
I'm Sebastian, a Freelance UX & UI Designer based in Munich, Germany 🇩🇪


I personally love to find solutions in different areas and solve real user problems. I started as a software developer and made the switch to design cause I love to build products for people.

Successful teamwork will lead to successful solutions, that's what I believe in.
Sebastian ZornUX & UI Designer

How I work I help you find the right solution and you can focus on your business.


Ask first. Before jumping into designing or coding, I always want to make sure that we are asking the right questions and trying to accomplish the right challenges.


Problem solving. With the identified challenges and question, we are going to create a possible solution together. Wether as simple questionare, design prototype or coded prototype.


User-testing. Now we are going the check our created solution with our target group. With the feedback we got, we will refine and iterate on this till our challenge is solved.


Ship it. Communication with developers is not that easy. With my background I help you shipping the feature / product which solves the callenges we identified. It's always possible. Just a matter of time.